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How would I benefit from a
birth doula?

doula: a trained non-medical professional who provides continuous physical and emotional support before, during and shortly after labor, and also provides evidence-based information to the mama so she can advocate her birth preferences.

After the birth of my daughter in April 2022, I was overcome with the urge to support other mamas like you who want to have a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Whether you're becoming a mother for the first time, or you've given birth before, you can benefit from doula support. 

Physical and emotional support make a huge difference not only for the laboring woman, but for their partner. When you and your partner have someone there to show you position ideas for comfort and labor progression with hands on comfort measures, oftentimes the baby can get in the right position to find its' way into your arms.


You don't have to give birth to your baby at home or in a birthing center; giving birth at a hospital might actually give you the biggest benefit from hiring a doula. The nursing staff changes every 12 hours, and the typical first time labor lasts an average of 17! Having continual labor support has been shown to reduce the duration of labor and increase the mama's birth satisfaction. 

You might be thinking, isn't a healthy baby all that matters? I don't think so. Don't you matter, too? Your first birth dictates all future births. If you can have a baby with less interventions, your body will be in a better state physically and emotionally for future births. You will have less trauma and better mental health. A doula can help you to make informed decisions about your births, help you to communicate your preferences to your provider, and be able to advocate for yourself and your baby's care. 

Think a doula might be for you? Let's grab coffee and chat!


Most women say

they're satisfied with their birth if they had these 3 things:

1: felt supported by their provider

2: felt supported by their partner

3: felt a sense of control and active

involvement in the childbirth process

All About That Birth

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Birth Photography

Birth is an experience that happens within you. You are not only birthing a baby, you are birthing an entirely new version of yourself; the mother. What better way to remember the most incredible, life-altering, whirlwind of an experience than through photography? 

On call two weeks before & two weeks after your due date, I'll be there to capture the most precious memory in your life. Photography can be combined with your doula support, or as an a la carte option.

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