Hi Friend!

   We might not be friends yet, but I plan on making you my new best friend, or at least make you feel like we've known each other for forever. My name is Sarah Trimm (everyone has called me my full name since I can remember) and I've been drawing and doing all things artsy and creative since I could use a pencil. 

   I went to college for art education, but it wasn't until well after college when all my friends started having babies that I realized I had an eye for photography. I constantly took pictures of everything, but creating memories for people is the most special thing to me. Looking back at photos really brings you back to a time and place that your memory alone can't provide. 

   I believe that everyone should be able to afford 

beautiful photographs, so let's chat and see what memories I can capture for you! 

me copy.jpg

Fun Facts:

-I say I'm an 80's baby, but I was born in 1989. The 80's would've been a great time.

-I'm from Angola, NY and my parents still live in the same house they bought when they were newlyweds.

-I won the spelling bee in 8th grade, but then we had a snow day on the state exam testing day, and it was never rescheduled :(

-I have a very identifiable laugh. I was once told my laugh was funnier than I am... not sure how I feel about that.

-I was voted Most Artistic & Class Clown my senior year of high school.

-I was always upset when I was little because the name Sarah didn't have a nickname. My mom told me Sadie was a nickname but that didn't make sense to me since it is the same amount of syllables. In high school, the nicknames started flowing in... Trimmy, Trimmspa... my last name was a hit.

-I have been a server at restaurants since I was 18 and feel that everyone should have to serve the public one period of their life to really understand.

-I did stand up at Helium Comedy Club once and people actually laughed, soo maybe I do have a career in comedy? 

-I am obsessed with nachos... literally obsessed. I made a nacho blog on IG @nachotypicalbuffaloblog where I started photographing all the best nachos.

-I foster dogs through Awesome Paws Rescue & Magic's Mission Rescue #adoptdontshop

Here are a few of the dogs I've rescued/ fostered: