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Hi Friend!

   We might not be friends yet, but I plan on making you one! My name is Sarah Trimm and I've been drawing and doing all things creative since I could grasp a pencil. 

   I went to college for art education, but it wasn't until after college when all my friends started having babies that I realized I had an eye for photography. Then, in 2014 I was asked to photograph a friends' elopement in Pensacola (yikes... no pressure!) and I was hooked from there! Creating memories for people is the most special thing to me. Looking back at photos really brings you back to a time and place that your memory alone can't provide. 

   If you ask me to dinner, I probably already have a million things on my To Do list. We have a baby girl, I have an Airbnb, braid and style hair, bartend one day a week at Magic Bear Beer Cellar, marketing, photograph full time, and am a birth doula. I really don't sit still. Sitting down makes me feel lazy and I enjoy being productive, reading personal growth and development books, and fostering doggies.



 I believe that everyone should be able to afford beautiful photographs. Let's chat about your family's memories!

In April of 2022, we started a family and Monroe has changed everything about life as I once knew it. I hired a doula, had an unmedicated birth, and became almost obsessive with everything pregnancy, labor & delivery.


I began my doula training in December of 2022 and plan to complete my Dona International Certification in 2023. In addition to maternity, newborn & family photos, I look forward to expanding my offerings for women becoming mothers for the first time, or again! My hope is that every woman can have an empowering, positive birth story in a country where it's more common to have confusion, fear and trauma. All women need support during this new chapter in their lives, and a doula can whether you birth at a hospital, a birthing center, or a tub at home.

If you have questions or are interested in how a doula can provide support for YOU, contact me. I can't wait to meet you!

doula: a trained professional who provides continuous physical and emotional support before, during and shortly after labor, and also provides information to the mama so she can advocate for her birth preferences.

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